Difference between AWS, GCP and Azure

General Question clients ask when they start thinking to move to the public cloud. Here is the tough job for a consultant to give a good start for a client in short conversation.

I generally go like that (with non-tech guy):

  • There are three major players in the market AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • All three provide basic things such as processing power, storage, with slightly different pricing structures. But each cloud platform has its own specialities or some additional tools or features.
  • For Start, I would recommend as following:
    • If we have data-oriented applications, we need to start with GCP. 
    • If we need more processing power or general-purpose applications then go with AWS. AWS is the market leader for the last one decade.
    • If your application is using Microsoft products such as windows servers etc., we should start with azure.

Lastly, the aforementioned short answers are to just start the research or start the conversation with the client, there are many components to consider before deciding, how the public cloud should be used for the client’s infrastructure. 

One other thing, which I learnt from my five-year experience as an IT instructor at college, is that you must keep in mind the knowledge level of the listener, otherwise, it does not matter how good you explain, it would be a useless conversation.  

Some articles which I think are worth reading before consulting with clients about the cloud platforms selection discussion.





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